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Daily Cost of Pre-made fudds 2013/3/4 01:15
Hello! After looking at a few websites of Japanese Convenience stores, I've made a few rough guesses as to how much things would cost me per day if I was just to eat pre-made foods and boxed lunches.

As my cooking skill is as non-existent as a sneaky snake covered in invisibility oil, eating pre-made food will be likely for me.

So, I was wondering if some grand gentlemen or lovely ladies would take a look and let me know if they think this is about right.

Breakfast - Filled Breads 100 yen
Lunch - Onigiri 100 yen
Dinner - Kudawari Bento(sp?) 400 yen
Drinks 100 yen with each meal

Total 900-1000 yen

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Re: Daily Cost of Pre-made fudds 2013/3/4 08:40
If that fills your stomach, fine. But for lunch I eat at least two "onigiri" rice balls, or one of those average or smaller "bento" lunch box. For breakfast, too, only one of those fluffy filled bread/bakery products would be too little (at least for me), you could easily get hungry if you plan to do a lot of walking in your sightseeing. And I don't think I am on the over-eating side (Japanese woman in her late 40s here).

Check out the following:
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Re: Daily Cost of Pre-made fudds 2013/3/4 10:31
I agree with the previous commenter. It doesn't seem like quite enough food. Especially for lunch. Also it will be a rather bland eating experience in Japan if you only stick to those things every day.

For breakfast, if you find a coffee shop, they normally have breakfast sets. I believe a set at Doutor for a sandwich that includes a drink is less than 300yen. It might be worth having that a couple days.

An onigiri is delicious but it's not that much food. I agree that you may want to eat at least 2 or combine it with other things. You could also look for cheap meat on rice places like Sukiya that will set you back about 300yen and the meals come with free tea.

Also buying bentos at supermarkets will often give you more of a selection and cheaper prices. And if you wait until later in the evening you may get lucky and get a bento from 20-50% off.

I would probably up my budget meal plan to 1500yen just to be on the safe side. If you're going to be active, you'll probably be hungry and want more than what you put. And it will cover small snacks along the way, too.

Some days might be cheaper than that but that means you would have some extra in your budget to splurge one day and go have a proper set meal somewhere.
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Re: Daily Cost of Pre-made fudds 2013/3/4 12:10
Yeah, I think you are doing a bit of wishful thinking with that plan. It's just not enough. Are you coming here for vacation? If so, you are going to need energy if you plan on traveling. Onigiri just isn't going to cut it.

I agree with the commenter above. I would skip the convenience stores entirely and find a sukiya or yoshinoya. You can get a nice sized breakfast/lunch for under 500 yen. Even try McDonalds. They have a 100 yen menu that is very convenient. Or, try the grocery stores. They always have very cheap bento.

Honestly, convenience stores are not that cheap, or good for that matter. The food you listed are snacks at best.

You really need to bump up your food budget. I'd say 2000 yen a day would be more than enough. It will still be a poor-man's dinner, but at least you will stay full.

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Re: Daily Cost of Pre-made fudds 2013/3/4 19:20
Oh, I didn't know about those meat on rice places! Those sound about right and you say supermarkets have a wider and cheaper selection of lunches?

I think I'll end up going with 1500yen a day, that will allow for main lunches and a few snacks, yes?
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Re: Daily Cost of Pre-made fudds 2013/3/5 08:41
Honestly, no. I don't think so! I really think 2000 yen is bare minimum. And even that is cutting it close.

It's your call, though! All I can say is have some emergency money put aside, and wait and see what happens when you get here.

Good luck!
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Re: Daily Cost of Pre-made fudds 2013/3/7 11:26
If you:re just after the most calories for your yen then the best thing is probally sukiya and the like.

If you:re having to budget so low then you should really save up more money before coming. Travelling is a zillion times less fun if you have to worry about money the whole time.
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Re: Daily Cost of Pre-made fudds 2013/3/9 14:54
Most of the Toyoko Inn I have stayed at have a free breakfast. It consist of a cup of coffee, miso soup and 3 onigiri balls.

It is fine and satisfying, but I need a coffee break with some light food by 10 am.
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Re: Daily Cost of Pre-made fudds 2013/3/13 03:41
I see, thanks guys and girls! :)
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