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Summer Sonic 2013, tickets 2013/3/6 21:20
I want to visit 1st day SummerSonic in the Tokyo, but I don't understand how I can buy the ticket. Ran anyone explain to me, please? Can Anyone tell about past experience?

Thank you!
by Inessa (guest)  

Re: Summer Sonic 2013, tickets 2013/3/7 21:02
Are you currently living in Japan? Because if you are, it will make trying to get tickets a little easier.

These are three main ticketing sites. Just use the search bar to type in Summer Sonic and it should give you some results. Click the one for Chiba (Where the Tokyo event is actually being held).




You're lucky because it looks like they haven't gone on general sale yet. They're in pre-request stage. So you need to make an account with them. Then put in for a ticket. It's a lottery. So you have to wait for the results which they will email to you. You normally need a credit card for the pre-request lotteries. Though a foreign credit card will work on these sites for the pre-requests.

I'm sorry it's not a complete tutorial but hopefully it will set you in the right direction and google translator/rikkai-chan will help you with the rest.
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Re: Summer Sonic 2013, tickets 2013/3/8 01:38
Thank you for answer.

No, I'm in Russia now. And I will in Japan only in August. It is too late, I think..

I've seen these sites before, but they are difficult to understand for me.

As I understand I can not book a ticket, I can only get them on the lottery? It is very sad..

P.S. Sorry for my bad english :)
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Re: Summer Sonic 2013, tickets 2013/3/8 14:08
Do you know anyone in Japan who can buy the ticket for you? It is not only a lottery, this is just for a presale. The tickets will go on sale in May.

If not, don't give up on getting tickets as you may still be able to buy a ticket once you arrive in Japan from the convenience store or ticket shop. Last year the tickets were sold out, but the years before they weren't. So if there are still tickets available, you will be able to buy one once you arrive.

You can also try a ticket shop like http://www.yokohamaticket.co.jp/. The price will probably be more though, but they have shops in the Tokyo area.

Alternatively.... Osaka may not be sold out, so you could travel down there.
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Re: Summer Sonic 2013, tickets 2013/3/10 18:41
Thank you for answer!

Unfortunately, I do not know anyone in Japan. Thanks for the tips!You helped me.
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