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Intimate wedding in Japan. Where? 2013/3/7 10:41
My partner and I want to get married in Japan. We aren't to picky which Provence. I just want a small, garden wedding. I was thinking we could hire out a small ryokan with a nice garden and use their facilities but I'm unable to find one suitable, can anyone think of somewhere? I need room for about 20 guests for the ceremony- they're organising their own accom. And then I want to take everyone out for a nice dinner. I'd love to get married in a park ie: yoyogi etc but I don't think that's possible?
Any ideas would be great- I'm at a loss!
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Re: Intimate wedding in Japan. Where? 2013/3/10 11:47
Before you worry about the location (Provence by the way is a region of France. You meant that you didn't have a special Japanese prefecture in mind, didn't you?) do you mean a real marriage, according to the Japanese law, OR a ceremony that is lovely but not legally binding (and you will be married in your country, before or after the ceremony in japan).

A legal Japanese wedding is quick, not romantic, and takes place in a city office. But then you would have to follow the Japanese law re property sharing and many other things.




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Re: Intimate wedding in Japan. Where? 2013/3/10 12:00
My guess is that the original poster is talking about a wedding "ceremony."

I don't understand what she means by "garden wedding," though. Do you just want to bring everyone together, and say your vows (without any priest/minister), and that's it?

Another difficulty I see is hiring out a ryokan, but the guests not staying over... that sounds like a bad idea for the ryokan, if you know what I mean.

I would try to find a nice hotel with wedding banquet facilities, nice places like Meguro Gajoen, Four Seasons Tokyo at Chinzanso, or Happoen (a few places that come to mind), book a banquet room, and enjoy the garden together with the guests.
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Re: Intimate wedding in Japan. Where? 2013/3/10 22:37
As you are in Japan, I would recommend to do a Shinto ceremony. They are really special when you rent kimonos for the both of you,
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Re: Intimate wedding in Japan. Where? 2013/3/11 13:40
Kimonos,even rental ones, are expensive and one needs to hire a person or 2 to dress the bride..

Shinto weddings photos:
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Re: Intimate wedding in Japan. Where? 2013/3/12 15:36
Just to answer the original question, I googled with words "Wedding Party" (Hirouen) and "Japanese Garden" and these rolled out.

Fujiya Hotel (Hotel in Yamanashi)

Chinzanso (Hotel in Tokyo)

Oukatei (Government-owned villa/park in Tokyo)

Yasui (Hotel/Restaurant in Shiga)

Yoshikawa Villege (Restaurants in Aichi)

RoastbeefKamakurayama (Restaurant in Kanagawa)

Hanbe (Restaunrant in Hiroshima)

Sankeien (Historical Architecture in Kanagawa)

Tokugawaen (Historical Architecture in Aichi)

Kokeizan Musoan (Wedding Hall converted from the Old Building in Gifu)

This is only one I found that has English website.
Yachiyo (Hotel in Kyoto)
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Just trying to help 2013/3/12 16:09
I think what the OP has in mind is a Japanese version of a European garden wedding, which doesn't really exist here in Japan.

But perhaps a ceremony at a jinja and a banquet at a "ryotei" is something close to that. The ryotei could have a view of a Japanese garden which usually do not allow people to walk around in.

Sorry I don't have any specific places in mind, but perhaps someone can post additional information.
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Googled ''ryotei wedding'' in Japanese 2013/3/12 22:36
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