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Where can I buy Easter eggs in Yokohama 2013/3/10 11:12
I stay in the Minatomirai area of Yokohama and want to find out where I can find Easter goods such as chocolate Easter bunnies & eggs
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Re: Where can I buy Easter eggs in Yokohama 2013/3/12 10:08
I am not sure, but you could try the Union supermarket on the Motomachi shopping street. You might want to investigate shops in the Honmoku and Negishi areas.

Otherwise, you might need to travel to Tokyo to National Azabu or Nissin. Another possibility is Kaldi's, they might have something.

Online options would be Foreign Buyers Club (FBC) or the Flying Pig. Good luck!
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Re: Where can I buy Easter eggs in Yokohama 2013/3/16 01:14
Not sure if the original poster is still looking, but I saw Easter eggs in a little shop in Yokohama Station. It is a kind of ladies convenience store in the North end of the station between the JR lines and the Keikyu line. The store has lots of hair accessories, tights, socks, makeup, and on the cash register side, candy. They had a very small selection of Easter candy including some eggs. It was small, so if you need a lot or a bigger variety, this is not the store for you.
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