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saying 'you are pretty' in japanese 2004/10/5 11:12
i recently met a really pretty girl, i wanted to tell her 'you are very pretty' or 'you have beautiful eyes' yet i want to be sincere about it as well, because i'm a sincere person. I just wanted to approach her this way because i think it would be nice to use her language to catch her attention, i do know basic japanese and pronunciation. so anyone that can help me i would appreciate it very much ^-^;;
by Devin  

"You are pretty." 2004/10/8 11:14
''Anata wa kirei na''
I believe. I'm not Japanese.
Just taking a class...:)
by theakikage rate this post as useful

kawaii is the right word 2004/10/8 11:21
Proper word for "pretty" is "kawaii". There are many ways to express it as follows:
1. Kimi wa kawaii-ne. (you're pretty)
2. Anata no me ga suki desu.
(I like your eyes.)

I'd recommend to use 2. The reason is that 1 is the typical saying of a dirty old man (!!) for a pretty young girl.
Good luck!

by nono-chan rate this post as useful

Be careful! 2004/11/1 20:12
Kawaii is more like kawaii akachan - cute baby.
kirei means pretty and also clean.
kirai means distasteful, dislike
by Gerry rate this post as useful

Re 2004/11/1 22:14
You are very pretty: Anatawa totemo kireidato omoimasu.

You have beautiful eyes: Kireina me o shiteimasune.

These are my suggestions. I think it would sound more sincere by adding "omoimasu", and "kirei" sounds better than "utsukushii" which may sound a bit too much.

These are very English expressions, though. Most Japanese men would just say "Kawaiine", because directly praising a girl's appearance is not a very Japanese thing, and if a man says "kimiwa totemo kireida" or "kimino mewa utsukushii", most Japanese girls would take it as a joke, and start giggling. I hope it works for you. Good luck!
by Fran rate this post as useful

I like what I see 2004/11/10 00:26
yep, "Kirei" (pronounced Kiray") pretty much does it. You can throw in a "anata wa SUGOI Kirei" for a real bonus, sugoi meaning Great/Really. I tried it repeatedly on one girl and now we`re married.
by hamish rate this post as useful

lol 2004/11/10 00:58
you tried a wrong sentence and you got married o_O
Anata ha sugokukirei
Not sugoi kirei lol!
by novix rate this post as useful

hehe 2004/11/10 02:13
thank you all for your kind answers, all is appreciated.

on another note, i finally got into the study abroad program i wanted, i'll be studying in japan for a semester, anyone wanna meet bc i'll need to make friends ='[
by devin rate this post as useful

lol 2004/11/10 07:52
i'd be studying in tokyo metropolitan international high school year one so if you need any help or getting used to here i could help ^^
by ノヴィックス rate this post as useful

pretty 2004/11/10 17:11
Saying "Sugoi kirei" isn't totally wrong is it? I think people say this in everyday conversation for emphasis maybe, even though it should be "sugoku" as an adverb.
by BigUp rate this post as useful

BigUp 2004/11/10 17:41
Yes, you are right! "Sugoku" and "Sugoi" are both colloquial expressions. When you use "sugoi", it sounds even more colloquial. Perhaps the difference could be compared with "really" and "real", as in "You are really pretty. " and "You're real pretty."

Guys, good luck!

by Fran rate this post as useful

easiest way to say "you are pretty" 2007/8/22 06:17
kimi wa kirei
by ck rate this post as useful

Kimi wa kirei.... 2007/9/1 16:22
Something you would say at breakfast.
by ジョセフ rate this post as useful

. 2007/9/1 17:17
I think when people type Wa they meant to type Ha, although the pronounciation is more like Wa. But Wa is another Japanese character.

I think when using Sugoi in place of Sugoku as the adverb I hear less of the 'i' finishing pronounciation. Sounds more like Sugoy?
by Blanc rate this post as useful

IDK 2007/9/2 10:34
Hey Idk But i guess all of these woyld be a nice and sencer way of saying this!
by Miss Me rate this post as useful

you are pretty in japanese 2008/5/17 02:08
anata wa kirei des
(you are pretty)
anata no me wa kirei des
(you have beautiful eyes!)
by cocacola55 rate this post as useful

This one. 2008/5/17 13:37
anata wa baishun desu. That one will certainly get her attention. More so than anata wa sugoi or similar.
by yom rate this post as useful

Maybe? 2008/5/26 03:24
I heard this あなたは きれいですね is another way to say you are pretty, is it right?
by Bby rate this post as useful

don't do what yom says!! -_- 2008/5/26 04:55
@ yom:
doesn't ''baishun'' mean ''prostitute''?
It's not a good idea to call her a prostitute. Definitely not good.
by Stitches rate this post as useful

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