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NTT Free Wifi in Tokyo 2013/3/12 23:22
I notice that there are free wifi cards for tourist for 14 days provided by NTT East and tourist can show passport to get the card at Narita Airport. And the service hours of the counter at the airport are 1200 to 2000. However, I will arrive the airport in early morning. So, are there other designated placed in Tokyo where I can get the card please?
by damon (guest)  

Re: NTT Free Wifi in Tokyo 2013/3/13 11:00
In the Tokyo area, the Narita Airport counter with its limited hours seems to be the only spot to pick it up:
by Uji rate this post as useful

Re: NTT Free Wifi in Tokyo 2013/3/13 17:07
You might wanna sign up for free wifi at starbucks just in case.

by reprazent rate this post as useful

Re: NTT Free Wifi in Tokyo 2013/3/26 23:31
I have one of these cards, and I have to say, in this case you get what you pay for.

I come across plenty of these SSIDs:


But only once have I come across this


The worst part of all, it was WPA encrypted, and they don't tell you the key! I don't know wtf the point of this is, if you can't even connect. The instructions they give don't mention an encryption key at all.

In Shinjuku most of their spots are in Kabukicho, so I spent an hour walking to all the places listed on the map. Not a single time was I able to find the SSID. Anyway if I did, I wouldn't have been able to connect anyway.

What's funny is that you often see tourists with their phone in one hand, and a little pink brochure in the other, trying to figure out how to connect. You just know they are having the same problems.

Useless, don't count on this at all.

If I were to sign up for a paid WiFi service, I think the Wi2 hotspots are the most common I have been seeing.
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