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Being a pescetarian in Japan 2013/3/16 08:31
Hi there!

I don't eat meat but I can eat everything else. I know japanese eat a lot of fish but is it do-able? Like eating a full dinner without meat in Japan. Any sentences I should be aware of to help me in japanese?

Many thanks in advance!
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Re: Being a pescetarian in Japan 2013/3/16 15:10
Many restaurants have English menus; many restaurants have the plastic food replicas in the window; you should be fine.
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Re: Being a pescetarian in Japan 2013/3/16 22:42
You will find that it is very easy to eat a meal without any meat in Japan. If you didn't eat fish, that would be a different matter...
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Re: Being a pescetarian in Japan 2013/3/19 00:47
You should note that japan has a lot of specialized restaurants that are almost 100% meat. For example, korean barbecue, tonkatsu and ramen restaurants. If you avoid these kind of places it will be easy.
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Re: Being a pescetarian in Japan 2013/3/22 21:49
In my experience, ramen restaurants can be completely meat free if you ask for no meat to be put on top. However the broth might contain meat juice.
Many restaurants have mostly fish, rice, and vegetables.
Almost everyone in Japan speaks English so you can ask if something has meat in it or not. If they don't speak English that well almost everyone is patient enough to try to figure out what you're trying to say.
If you eat fish then eat sashimi or sushi whenever possible which is basically everywhere.
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Re: Being a pescetarian in Japan 2013/3/24 00:59
In the past, everyone in Japan was pescetarian! Obviously most people eat meat nowadays, but it is still very common for meat-eating Japanese people to go all day without a scrap of meat and not even realize it.

There's lots of specialized restaurants, so, as others have said, if you find yourself at a yakiniku joint or some such place probably only meat will be available. Otherwise at most restaurants you'll be able to go meat free and no one will even notice.

If you are very strict about it though, you'll have to be careful of broths. Lots are fish-based but plenty are meat-based, especially if you're eating something like ramen.
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