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Sankyo Musical Jewellery box 2013/3/17 10:45
I bought this old looking musical jewellery box due to the fact I love the 3 little dancers in it.

I would like to know more information about it but cannot find any about it?

I will try update with some photos but I can say it is approximately 37cm Long, 34cm high, 17cm deep and made of dark wood. It has 3 clear displays (one on each side) and one at the top center of the front which contains 3 dancers (2 ladies and 1 gentleman) who spin to the music behind the 3 of them is a mirror with a chair and table drawn on it. There is 5 drawers located under the dancers section on the front (3 across with another 2 across below them) and when you open the top middle drawer the tune starts. I think it is a 18 or 20 tune song but might be a few more (hard to count all the pins) but it does have Sankyo JAPAN on the motor.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you!
by Deanna (guest)  

Re: Sankyo Musical Jewellery box 2013/3/18 10:10
How about contacting the manufacturer? They should have a lot of information on the music box you've got. :)

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