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What are Japanese Teenagers hairstyles? 2004/10/6 12:39
I am Korean and I would like to see how it would look on me...Could someone post a picture of some modern Japanese Hairstyles?? Please no punk, goth, of REALY crazy hair.
by Jay  

Hello 2004/10/12 04:45
I really want to know!!
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mmm... 2004/10/12 14:19
Hi. I`m visiting Japan and I am a hairstylist, so I`ve been very interested in Japanese hairstyles too. I`m always looking at hair and unfortunately for you, all I`ve seen is punk and goth. Then again, I`m in Tokyo. Maybe its not as wild in other places in Japan. Actually, I asked a hairstylist and owner of two salons in Tokyo what is popular for hair right now and he said soft assymtric cuts.
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. 2004/10/14 03:02
Hairstyles of which age and sex?

Anyway, just for example:
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Good Hair Cut in Kyushu/Osaka? 2004/10/29 18:21
Hello all
I'm reading your messages a little late but I'm also visiting Japan in December to Osaka and Kyushu, would any kind soul know where to get a good hair cut and what will be the price like for a shoulder length hair plus colour? My a female in my twenties from Singapore!
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uhm... 2004/12/24 10:58
im woundering myself but i want the color and im having a trouble to find what har color is in,in japan.
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Hair 2004/12/29 19:13
I have recently visited japan, and many of the girls had a bowl cut. if u dont like that, they also had layered hair.
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i have the perfect website 2004/12/30 10:56

that site shows pretty modern hairstyles. It has good pictures with different angles so your hairdresser can take a better look
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^^ 2004/12/31 02:30
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^_^ 2005/1/4 03:09
I also want a japanese haircut. Most of the haircutes are with layers and I think that very cute!!The best site I found was this one:
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kakimoto-arms 2005/1/5 03:12
is really nice. I like it. I've just been there two weeks ago, which is in Ginza. The entrance looks posh and it's just like hotel's reception-actually there's a woman calls concierge though,,
Anyway people and their skills are very reliable.
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um... 2005/1/5 08:10
i'm looking for korean/fobby spikeyish or short hair styles for guys...anyone know any sites with lots of pictures of those kinda hairstyles?
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um...~_^ 2005/1/11 12:13
hm... some are spikish ,but some has styles like skaters.sorry b/c i didnt have a wbste(website) fer yeh, but i tried...~_^
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What aboot long hair? 2005/1/12 02:29
Do many males have long hair? I have long blond hair, will people laugh at me?
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hmm 2005/1/14 03:01
are there any websites for teenage boy's hairstyles around age of 17? =S
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picky hairstyle 2005/1/16 00:46
im a 16 yr old male, and i want a female haircut. it's like the "COKETh" picture on but i want it a bit varied. anyone find any variations on this cut?
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Men's 2005/1/16 09:50
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Where do I get a nice hair cut in Tokyo? 2005/1/26 03:11
I will be travelling to Tokyo in two weeks, and I am wondering where I can get a nice hair cut in Tokyo area? I am female in my mid 30s and I am an Asian from States, I cann't speak Japanese.
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nice japanese hairstyle picture 2005/2/14 17:43
any one have japoanese guy hairstyle website dun mind can post it here thank alot....
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Men's 2005/2/14 18:01
u still gt other website i wan can see the men hair the back ,the side and the front...thank
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