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Identifying a song 2013/3/22 20:07

I was watching a documentary and heard a snippet of a song which I immediately fell in love with.

It's a rock song, sung by a male (most probably). I couldn't figure out much of the lyrics because the narrator was talking over it. I tried searching it online with what I figured out to no avail.

Oh well, here is the lyrics that I could figure out. I'm still not good at Japanese so sorry, I'm sure I must have made a mistake or two.


猶予うの心あなた ???
(couldn't hear the last part, sorry)

If anyone would be willing to take a look, it starts at 07:18 in the following video.


Thanks a lot beforehand!

by TaraSelin  

Re: Identifying a song 2013/3/23 12:05
That song is sung by the girl who is a eating disorder that documentary taked up.
It seems that her name is 吉田優賀里(Yoshida Yukari).
I found another her song on Youtube.
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