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Where can I buy some treats in Tokyo? 2013/3/23 13:39
Hello everyone!

Ok, here's the thing. I'm going to be in Tokyo during the first week in April and some of my friends have asked me to bring back certain snacks. I'm wondering if the Japanese sugar candy called Konpeito is easy to find and what price range they are at.

Another friend asked me to bring back strawberry and matcha flavored kit kats. I'm wondering if they are easy to find in Tokyo and again at what price range they will be. I have also heard of a variety flavored gift box of kit kats that were available and I think a box of that would be the perfect for a friend of mine that loves kit kats. I'm just not sure if they are still available and if its easy to find. I have also heard that it was very expensive and I'm wondering exactly how expensive it is.

As for myself, I would like to bring back some treats that can be passed out to friends. I'm considering buying Tokyo Choco Bananas. Can I buy these at Tokyo Banana Tree? I would also like to buy some matcha tea powder. Again, easy to find? price range?

Are there any other snacks or souvenirs that you would recommend? Thanks for the taking the time to read my long post. ^^
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Re: Where can I buy some treats in Tokyo? 2013/3/24 19:15
How about wholesale candy shop Niki at Ameyoko?
Ah, now also they are open in Tokyo Solamachi.
I think you can get what you want at Tokyo Sky-Tree Town, you know.
There are many souvenir shops.

Tokyo Choco Bananas is in Tokyo Banana Tree.
Konpeito, 100-300yen?
matcha tea powder, from the best to the cheapest (500yen?) in the green-tea shops
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Re: Where can I buy some treats in Tokyo? 2013/3/27 10:19
Visit Ameyoko near Ueno.


This shop is famous about their throwing up chocolates at every day low prices.

Kitkat, konpeito or any other candy stuff will be found everywhere. You do not have to travel to much out from your hotel in Tokyo. Small package of konpeito is like 500 yen. Macha kitkat small package may be 280 yen or so.
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Re: Where can I buy some treats in Tokyo? 2013/3/28 08:23
I also recommend Ameyoko. Not only can you find a great variety of chocolates, you can find specialties such as dried scallops, squid, octopus, and other "treats". If you start walking down Ameyoko from the main entrance, just past the competing turkish kabob shops on the right hand side down one of the side streets is a huge grocery store that sells ALOT of chocolates, confectionaries, manju, and any other treat you could think of at a discount. Sorry I don'w know the name of the shop, but if you find it you won't be disappointed.
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Re: Where can I buy some treats in Tokyo? 2013/4/2 02:16
I found Kit Kats in smaller newsagent type grocery stores, especially the ones in large train stations in Tokyo and Kyoto.

The most commonly available packs were the 12 packs of Kit Kat minis (2 sticks that are half the length of those in most countries). They cost about 800 Yen everywhere. A good place to find them was actually in the departure lounge at the airport and price was same as it had been outside of airport.

I did find a few smaller packs, don't recall prices on those, but mostly just the 12 pack boxes.

That's obviously a lot more than local candies but not excessive for something unusual that you really want to buy.

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