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Nighlife in Hiroshima/Tokyo 2013/3/25 07:07
Hey guys (or girls, what you prefer),

I have a question regarding nightlife in Hiroshima & Tokyo.

Next week a friend and me are going to spend a little over 2 weeks travelling in Japan (you know, the usual stuff as it's the first time we are going to Japan, Tokyo, Kyoto/Osaka, Hiroshima, etc).

Now we will be spending 1 Saturday night in Hiroshima and the week after 1 Friday & 1 Saturday night in Tokyo. Do you guys have any pointers towards the nightlife there? Clubs/bars to visit, or maybe avoid?

*Before I get a load of hate, I just like going out (like I do at home during weekends) not because I hope/expect to pick up girls (*not that I would say no if the oppurtunity arises, but it's not the reason why I'm asking, just to have some fun :)).

Just want to find out what the places to be are.
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Re: Nighlife in Hiroshima/Tokyo 2013/3/27 17:45
Hiroshima Nagarekawa is one of the place to go, but may not be fun for you if you do not understand Japanese.



Shinjuku Kabuki cho is the place to go while you are in Tokyo, the largest night life town in Japan. The photos below may look crazy, but yet safe for sure.


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Re: Nighlife in Hiroshima/Tokyo 2013/3/27 23:55
You can take a look at this - http://www.bento.com/tf-rest.html . If my Japanese asks if I want to go drinking, they are usually talking about an izakaya where there is eating involved. Some alternatives are cocktail bars or dance clubs. Take a look here - http://www.timeout.jp/en/tokyo/nightlife . There's a top 10 list of dance clubs somewhere on there. One spot I went to recently that I really liked was the 7th Floor of the Shin Marunouchi building - http://www.marunouchi.com/shinmaru/english/01_shop/restaurant.html . It's an open floor with a bunch of restaurants and bars, very casual. There is a balcony overlooking the newly renovated Tokyo Station.
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Re: Nighlife in Hiroshima/Tokyo 2013/3/28 09:12
Jay Kay's suggestion of Shinjuku Kabukicho is the best place to go if you want to find sex workers, overpriced clubs, and touts in the street steering you into dodgy bars.

If you have other ambitions, e.g. clubs, normal bars, etc., Shibuya is quite a bit more fun. Here's a list of some popular dance clubs in Tokyo, many in Shibuya: http://www.whereintokyo.com/dbinx/club.html
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Re: Nighlife in Hiroshima/Tokyo 2013/3/29 08:48
lol @ Jay Kay

Those places look kind of shady. But I think kabukicho was portrayed in the 'Yakuza' games, so if you're a fan of the game then go check it out (preferably during the day).
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Re: Nighlife in Hiroshima/Tokyo 2013/3/30 03:31
For Tokyo ideas have a look at http://metropolis.co.jp/ They seem to know whats going on.
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