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Shikoku/Inland Sea roadtrip 2013/4/3 17:30
Hello All,
I want to do a short car trip at Shikoku, around Inland Sea.
Idea is pick-up car at Okayama, drive to Shikoku via Shimanami Kaido than continue along Shikoku shore to Seto Ohashi Bridge to return car back to Okayama.
Can any body recommend spots to enjoy views of sea and islands along this route?
I will have 2 full days and return car on 3rd day morning.

by aivanov3  

Re: Shikoku/Inland Sea roadtrip 2013/4/4 22:53
Some famous places to view the coast:

-Sadamisaki Peninsula (Ehime-ken): thinnest peninsula in Japan but quite long, scenic views around the area, lighthouse

-Ashizuri Cape (Kochi-ken): Interesting rock formations, pretty water, famous lighthouse

-Katsurahama Beach (Kochi-ken): Scencic coastal beach view, Sakamoto Ryoma Museum, Aquarium

-Muroto Peninsula (Kochi-ken): Another famous viewing area, lighthouse, dolphin center

-Naruto (Tokushima-ken): Whirlpools
by Rabbityama rate this post as useful

Re: Shikoku/Inland Sea roadtrip 2013/4/4 22:54
From Okayama, Washuzan is a famous lookout point. You can view the Seto Inland Sea with the Seto Ohashi Bridge.
by Rabbityama rate this post as useful

Re: Shikoku/Inland Sea roadtrip 2013/4/5 09:50
Thank you very much thats will be usefull!
Any reccomendation for the Shikoku shore from Imabari to Takamatsu?
by aivanov3 (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Shikoku/Inland Sea roadtrip 2013/4/7 23:31
In Kagawa:
The Shonai Peninsula looks like one of the best places between Imabari and the Seto Ohashi Bridge. I've not been there, but the pictures look nice.

Kotohiki Park (Kagawa-ken) has a lookout point. The real attraction is not the sea, but the large sand sculpture of Japan's old coin currency. You can see the sea, though, and walk along the beach.

Many of Kagawa Prefecture's sites are related to viewing the Seto Ohashi Bridge.

Yoshima Island is a good place between Kagawa and Okayama to stop for views of the Seto Ohashi Bridge.

In Sakaide there are towers that offer views (Gold Tower and another that I don't know the name of).

You can actually take your car on a ferry to Naoshima Island from Takamatsu. It's one of the Seto Inland Sea's "Art Islands".

A little past the bridge are Goshikidai and Yashima. They're popular scenic viewing points.
by Rabbityama rate this post as useful

Re: Shikoku/Inland Sea roadtrip 2013/4/8 09:30
Thanks a lot Rabbityama!
It will really help to build my route.
As for Naoshima, this place is really a diamond! I hope to get back there for overnight stay. One day.

by aivanov3 rate this post as useful

Re: Shikoku/Inland Sea roadtrip 2013/4/8 13:16
Naoshima is a great experience indeed. It can be done easily in a day, especially by car.

I tried to look up places in northern Ehime along the coast from Imabari.

The Gujo Outlook/Viewing Point (Shikokuchuo city) is a famous place to view the Inland Sea. It's actually a famous night view spot.

That was all I could really find along that route in northern Ehime but I'm sure the drive by the coast itself will be scenic enough and you'll probably find many places as you go to stop and admire the view.
by Rabbityama rate this post as useful

Re: Shikoku/Inland Sea roadtrip 2013/4/8 16:33
If you had the time and were interested - well, it is not the sea, but:

Mt. Ishizuchi, the highest mountain in western Japan is a GREAT place. However, climbing all the way to the top would take roughly 4 hours (return included) from the Tsuchigoya parking area. Access from Matsuyama via Tobe, Omogo.

Another option is from Saijo City, there is also a lift.

Just in case you are interested!!
by kulachan rate this post as useful

Re: Shikoku/Inland Sea roadtrip 2013/4/9 16:32
Rabbityama, kulachan,
Thank you very much for attention to my question! I am very sad now that my time is so limited with time at Shikoku. It looks like I will have to come back couple of times.

I hope to visit and as much as possible from you list!

Once again thank you!

by aivanov3 rate this post as useful

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