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Fishing in Nagoya and Chubu region 2013/4/5 09:26
I'm going to be in Nagoya visiting my wife for about 4 weeks in July and would really like to do a bit of fishing!

I've been recommended to check out Fishing-You for gear but does anybody have info as to where I should be fishing, what gear i should get, do i need a license (in Victoria, Australia we do)?

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Re: Fishing in Nagoya and Chubu region 2013/4/5 13:46
What kind fish u want or fish size?

most fishing not need special license except river/lake fishing.
ex)Ayu[鮎],Amago[アマゴ]/niji-masu[ニジマス]/Yamame[ヤマメ](kinds of trout) and more
This is one season licese type of Amago.
one day type not expensive (under 1000Y)

Japanese River fishing mostly very difficult(technical) than Sea fishing.
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Re: Fishing in Nagoya and Chubu region 2013/4/7 17:21
Thanks for the links! That's awesome :)

Yeah ocean fishing for sure, from the shore or a pier or something. River fishing is always too hard!

I don't really mind what kind of fish, just want to go fishing on my holiday!

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