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Gear Show at Kyoto - does it worth a try? 2013/4/5 09:49
Dear you guys,

I really like the Slow nin waltz performed at Busan festival 2010. And I know that the production team and the cast somehow are going to stage something new called GEAR version 3 soon.

I've read their english page at But the point here is that I would like to hear your own personal experience about its version 1, 2. It is said that a new kind of non verbal mixing arts.

Please share your opinions if you've ever been there. I need neutral references to decide if it is worthy a try to fly there.

Thank you guys so much.
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Re: Gear Show at Kyoto - does it worth a try? 2013/4/26 15:35
oh, it seems that nobody is interested in the show. I guess it is not that popular in Japan.
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Re: Gear Show at Kyoto - does it worth a try? 2013/7/20 10:18

Sorry you haven't had much feedback. GEAR is a new show, and so is not so well known.

It is definitely worth seeing, especially on a rainy day or if you are templed out. I appreciate people don't go to Kyoto just to watch GEAR, but if you are interested in theatre, it is something different. The fact that it is non verbal means the show has a different meaning to everyone, and so that is part of the appeal, to chat about what you think afterwards. Here is a review of the show. If you can't find it, just google "GEAR Kyoto Japantourist"
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