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Monthly wifi rental/buy plans? 2013/4/5 15:48
Hi there,

Will be in Japan for a 3 month period but wondering if there were any other/cheaper options outside of Pupuru and bmobile? Seems like the UQ WiMax has become an annual contract as well as opposed to a monthly contract?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Monthly wifi rental/buy plans? 2013/4/12 10:57
Also consider paid public wifi, which is an extremely cheap option if you don't need 100% mobile internet. Services, such as wi2 and softbank, and have thousands of hotspots nationwide and tend to charge less than 500 yen per month for service.
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Re: Monthly wifi rental/buy plans? 2013/4/16 10:20
Aren't the wi2 and softbank plans only for residents?
Haven't seen any options for monthly plans but if you have a link that I've missed, I'd love to know about it!
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