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Katsu restaurant & curry shop in Hiroshima 2013/4/6 09:01
Hi, everyone.

I'm going to Japan in 2weeks. I'm going back to Hiroshima and have a 20th year reunion there. I had a favorite Katsu restaurant in Hiroshima. I think it was on Hondori area or somewhere close by. I think the name is Tokugawa? I can't recall. I tried to search for this restaurant but doesn't seem exsist. It was a small Katsu Restaurant or I can say it just like a hut or robatayaki bar.
If someone can give me some info about this restaurant or similar katsu restaurant in Hiroshima? This katsu restaurant, you can get not only the delicious katsu but also cheap(I think the cheapest??).

I have one more restaurant that I longed to go. It is small curry house around Hondori st or opposite of Fukuya dept store? This curry shop is very famous and tasty. If you go there, you might see people queeing to dine in there. Very famous. unfortunately I can't remember the name and the exact location.
So,.. please..please.. if you Hiroshima resident or any body know about these restaurants I talked about, please give me some info.
Any info would be very appreciated.

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Re: Katsu restaurant & curry shop in Hiroshima 2013/4/6 19:52
Tokugawa[徳川] no menu of (Ton)katsu.

near area Tonkatu[とんかつ] restauran a lot.
ranking of Hiroshima city

ranking of Hiroshima city
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Re: Katsu restaurant & curry shop in Hiroshima 2013/4/10 09:22
Is it Sun Curry near Fukuya you are looking for?


Hope this helps,

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