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Buying a Nano-Sim and Micro-Sim 2013/4/11 07:47
My wife and I will be travelling to Tokyo and Kyoto in September.
I am wondering how easy it is for non-Japanese speakers/readers to purchase a prepaid nano-sim and a micro-sim for basic use in Tokyo Narita Airport or in Tokyo itself.
I know in London it was a simple matter of coming across a vending machine, but I know every country is different. Japan is renowned for technology but I just want to make sure I know what I can access.
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Re: Buying a Nano-Sim and Micro-Sim 2013/4/11 16:08
It depends on what services you need. Prepaid data only sims, and prepaid voice sims are pretty easy to purchase, but there currently isn't a prepaid data+voice sim available. Some companies don't offer nano sized sims but they're easy enough to cut yourself from a full size sim card.

Rental sims (data, voice, and data+voice), while more expensive, are easy to get at the airport or through the mail.
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... 2013/4/13 10:01
What are you trying to do with the SIMs/your phones?

I would just rent a pocket wifi device so that you can both get access to the internet on your (smart)phones. Then use Skype or equivalent to make calls when required.

Some options:-

Try and book a month or so in advance if you plan on renting.

Enjoy your trip!
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