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Sakura less abundant this year? 2013/4/11 15:14
I noticed around Matsumoto castle that the cherry blossom, while stile beautiful, wasn't quite as 'full' as last year, and the same seems to be the case around Kawaguchiko.

I was just wondering...what is the reason for this? I always assumed that each year would be the same in terms of the amount of blossom.

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Re: Sakura less abundant this year? 2013/4/11 16:09
You probably saw the sakura just before or after the peak time.
This year's sakura was same as any other year. I went to a famous "Chidorigafuchi" for sakura viewing, which was magnificent.
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Re: Sakura less abundant this year? 2013/4/11 16:22
I also had the impression that the cherry trees around the Fuji Five Lakes this year do not carry as many blossoms as in previous years. I also felt so on Takaosan and in Hakone. But in all the other places I have been to, including Tokyo and Kyoto, the trees were as full as usual. I have no idea why there were less blossoms in some of the places. I searched the internet a bit and came across cases where the decreased number of blossoms was caused by diseases or birds picking the blossoms off.
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Re: Sakura less abundant this year? 2013/4/12 01:04
I don't know about Matsumoto and Kawaguchiko, but in Tokyo area it was indeed unusual.

It was on March 22nd that every Someiyoshino bloomed instantly within a day. It was perfect!

On the 19th, it hadn't yet bloomed fully. On the 21st, fairly so. But the 22nd was a warm day and what was around 70% bloom in the morning became like 90% by noon. I remember these things clearly, because I coinsidentally was at different cherry blossom spots during those days.

Then the end of March was met by days of bad, cold weather. Someone invited me for a picnic on the 30th and I thought they were joking, because it was so cold. Finally, April 3rd was so windy and rainy that I had to wear rain boots to go see my friends for lunch, and everywhere was pink. That was pretty much the end of Someiyoshino.

Most spots in the Metropolitan area had scheduled their "sakura festivals" on April 7th, but by then all trees were pretty much green. I went for a stroll on the popular Meguro river on the 6th which was a Saturday and could hardly spot real blooms. No food vender was seen either.

In Tokyo area, we can still enjoy Yae-zakura, and the news today reported that Nasu-machi, Tochigi-ken is in full bloom for the coming week or so.
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