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Is a Japanese Uni degree credible in the US? 2013/4/12 11:30
I want to get a degree in linguistics, but I would like to get the degree as an international student in japan. I am concerned though that it will not be considered credible in the US. I have heard stories from people who received their education in other countries and who upon arriving in the US found out their degrees were not credible for the careers they had initially intended to pursue and that they would have to go back to school.

If you have any information concerning how credible degrees earned in Japan are in the US i would appreciate hearing from you what you know. Thanks a bunch.
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Re: Is a Japanese Uni degree credible in the US? 2013/4/12 14:16
You MUST ask the schools you are applying to if your certificate or degree you will be earning will be useful outside of Japan, expecially in America. America can be very picky about degrees from other countries. My friend, who's in college in England, had to change her school at the last minute back in senior year. Even though the certificate was listed as good outside of England, she found out it wouldn't mean much in America. Luckly, she found another college whoes degree would be accepted in America very quickly just by making a few phone calls and talking to different administration people (she's actually graduating this year!).

A story about Japan, is another student that my Japanese teacher teaches signed up for a program in Kyoto without asking her anything first this past year. She got into the program, but after she informed my teacher, my teacher had to tell her the certificate she would receive would mean nothing outside of Japan. The student already made the payments though so she is going to do the program, but unless she moves to Japan, all the work for the certificate isn't going to mean anything when she comes back to America.

Usually on the college or program websites they will inform you if their degrees will be useful in other countries but if you are not 100% sure, just contact the school, ask to speak to an admintions person, and they should be able to tell you right away.

Good luck!
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Re: Is a Japanese Uni degree credible in the US? 2013/4/12 15:33
If you go to Sophia or Temple U. you may be able to transfer units to US schools. There may be other schools. My wife took some units at Sophia and counted in a CA State U. when she transfered.
Otherwise you need to prove you are proficient by taking units in US. I had to do a semister at a junior college for some units from Japan.
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