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travel agency (question for foreigners) 2013/4/13 06:00
I'm interested in travel industry in Japan.
Here is question especially for foreigners who have been to Japan without well-Japanese-skill.

1)Do you think it is easy to find travel agencies which can offer tours in English or your languages in Japan?

2)If it got easier to find these agencies, would you use them, keep making plans yourself, or book tour in your countries?

I would appreciate it if you kindly answer these questions.
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Re: travel agency (question for foreigners) 2013/4/13 12:09
I have been to Japan 8 times already without speaking much Japanese, a bare minimum actually, but managed very very well.
I have travelled to Shanghai, without knowing Chinese, to Italy and Finland without knowing much of their languages and also managed very well.

I am not interested at all in using a travel agency. They were sort of OK in the days before internet, and the staff used to actually travel to various countries as they got cheap trips etc. so they had a good idea about the culture, hotels etc. of many countries.
Not so much nowadays.

I find it is very easy to plan a trip to Japan--and other countries-- myself. Look at A-Z at the very top of each page on this forum. There is more stuff there about Japan than a travel agent could possibly know.
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Re: travel agency (question for foreigners) 2013/4/14 03:30
I'm with Red Frog. I have visited Japan 5 times & always arranged everything myself. I think that with the wealth of information available the need for travel agents has diminished. Also as Japan is already an expensive place to visit people will prefer not to spend the extra to deal with a travel agent. One last thing, the people on this forum are probably not the sort of people who would use travel agents anyway.
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