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Chocolate chip cookies 2013/4/16 12:40
Hey everyone!

I'm looking for soft, moist, American-style chocolate chip cookies in Fukuoka prefecture. The closer to Fukuoka City the better, but I'm willing to travel a little ways for them, too.

And if anyone knows of places selling them elsewhere in Japan, please let me know!

Thanks in advance! ^^
by Amai Umeboshi (guest)  

Re: Chocolate chip cookies 2013/4/17 08:06
How about "country maam" by Fujiya?
It's sold in many convenience stores and supermarkets.
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Re: Chocolate chip cookies 2013/4/17 18:40
Ahhh, Country Ma'am seems to be everybody's answer!

I'm actually looking for something more "homemade" than packaged, like the kind of thing you would find at a bakery. I probably should have added that to the first post.

In any event, thank you for your response! I will at some point be trying Country Ma'am cookies since everyone seems to like them.

The search for more bakery-esque chocolate chip cookies continues!
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Re: Chocolate chip cookies 2013/4/18 09:18
Amai Umeboshi,

I don't know much about Fukuoka, but FBC is your ultimate on-line-shopping answer if you're every looking for anything authentically American.

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Re: Chocolate chip cookies 2013/4/18 10:23
Costco has great chocolate chip cookies!,
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