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Alice Nine signings or meetings? 2013/4/17 14:37
I have been a fan of Alice Nine for 8 years, & my first song that I heard from them was Velvet.

I will be studying abroad in Yokohama, Japan at Kanto Gakuin from August to December 2013, then I have to return to America to finish my degree in Fashion Design.

I have checked the Alice Nine Official Website, & I watched Alice9 ちゃんねる monthly to see if there are any events for signings/meetings, but so far I haven't been informed of anything...

I was wondering if anyone knows how I can attend a signing or meeting with Alice Nine, because I would really like to meet them before I have to return to America.

Please give me advice on how to be aware of when I can attend a signing or meeting.
If you are in Japan during this time and would like to be my guide, that would also be acceptable.

Thank you.
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Re: Alice Nine signings or meetings? 2013/4/17 17:33
Your best chance is an in-store event, which usually happen at cd shops when bands are promoting new releases. Typically if you buy the new release from the shop hosting the event, you can get a ticket to the in-store. At in-stores, the bands usually do a talk and sometimes special things like games or an acoustic performance. Then there is a chance to shake hands with the members and say something to each person (not more than a few seconds with each though, the staff are usually shuffling people down the line of members). Sometimes this will also be a sign-kai (where you can get an autograph) but not always. It is rude to ask for an autograph if it is not a specific sign-kai.

In-stores will be announced usually just before the release so it is not surprising you haven't found any information for the time that you'll be here. Information is always announced on the website and probably other places like member twitters, etc. and they will release the specific details for the in-store, any rules, etc.
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