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Unusual / weird restaurants in any large city 2013/4/21 07:21
I know Japan has a lot of themed restaurants (ex: Alcatraz prison, Ninja, etc.) and I remember visiting some in the past. However, because it was about 10 years ago, I'd like to know if anyone has any recommendation?

I will be bringing my 12 years old daughter so the theme must be kids appropriate to some level... I will be visiting pretty much every large city.


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Re: Unusual / weird restaurants in any large city 2013/4/21 11:26
In Tokyo,
I have visited the Alice restaurant in Ginza with my GF on St.Valentine's Day or something.
It's samll and not so great, but kawaii.

And before I was asked from 2 gaijins when I walked in Akasaka.
"Where is the ninja restaurant?"
Then I searched by my cell phone and showed the way though I can't speak English.(x_x;)
So now I know there is a ninja restaurant.
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