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Jewish Star Tokyo Edo Outdoor Museum 2013/4/21 18:42
I saw photos from a friend's recent visit to the open air museum in Tokyo. There is a green tinged building that she identified as dating back to the early 1900's that has a Jewish star on the facade on the too. She said there were bullet holes dating back to WWIi. Any info on the origin and use of this building would be appreciated .
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Re: Jewish Star Tokyo Edo Outdoor Museum 2013/4/21 20:27
I'm unsure but...
Maybe it's A@(Uemura-tei; Uemura's residence) at E9 in this map and I heard it's a jeweler.
It was built on Showa2(1927) at Chuo-ku Shintomi 2cho-me in Tokyo near Ginza.

The mark is maybe Ėږ(Kagome-mon; woven-bamboo pattern)?
For example, Kurama-dera temple in Kyoto have the symbol.

At any rate, I don't think someone shot Jewish there, because it's in Tokyo.
I can remember 226 only as gun-battle in Tokyo.
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