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Mice Breeder Tokyo 2013/4/22 03:50
Does anyone know of some Fancy Mice breeders in Tokyo? Preferably in greater Tokyo, but Ifm willing to travel if needed. I donft like buying pets in shops as they are in general badly inbreed, in poor health and little socialised with humans.

I tried to google myself, but my Japanese is currently fairly limited so I didnft have much luck. I came across this site http://tiisakimonoclub.cart.fc2.com/?ca=4
I donft know if itfs a shop or a private breeder (in Tokyo?), but considering how much they know about each color and genetic treats they surely must be above the average shop you come across. Neither did I understand their their delivering/pick up system.

Thank you in advance.
by Ulricke (guest)  

Re: Mice Breeder Tokyo 2013/4/22 22:58
Google Translate (feature of Firefox browser) does a fair job on this site.


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