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Spicy Inarizushi 2013/4/23 19:58

Since being in Tokyo I have been eating a ton of inarizushi.

I recently came across spicy or chile inarizushi at Lawson's and was curious if this was vegetarian friendly like regular inarizushi?

by Jeff C (guest)  

Re: Spicy Inarizushi 2013/4/24 11:15
FYI, inarizushi is traditionally flavored with dashi (fish stock), so neither regular nor the spicy inarizushi sold in Japan are strictly vegetarian.
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Re: Spicy Inarizushi 2013/4/24 11:44
If you consider the regular ones vegetarian, the spicy ones - probably flavored with "wasabi" radish, is what I can think of - are vegetarian too.
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