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Wearing sandals and carrying socks? 2013/4/24 00:31
I am traveling with my grandson for 2 weeks in Japan in June. Does wearing sandals and carrying our socks in our pack make sense? Will we need our socks many times per day when site seeing? Thank you for your time.
by katy4959  

Re: Wearing sandals and carrying socks? 2013/4/24 08:53
Yes, I think that is a considerate way for sandal travelers.

Will we need our socks many times per day when site seeing?

It depends on what type of sites you will be visiting. It is very difficult to generalize where it is okay to enter barefoot and where it is better to put on socks. But you rarely go wrong with putting on socks. I recommend to put on socks in restaurants, in particular.
by Uji rate this post as useful

Re: Wearing sandals and carrying socks? 2013/4/25 22:49

Yes, it makes total sense to carry socks while wearing sandals. Why not?

Yet, almost all places in Japan let you enter bare footed. The thing is that as a courtesy to others it would be a nice gesture to put socks on when taking off your sandals, if that's what you mean.

Meanwhile, when not taking off your sandals that are suited for bare feet, it's not very common to wear socks underneath your sandals. Although it is indeed a trend for younger people to wear socks with certain types of sandals from the start as a fashionable look.

I hope this answers your question.
by Uco (guest) rate this post as useful

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