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Good places to eat in Kyoto 2013/4/25 23:51
My trip to Japan is coming in only a few weeks and we have decided to go to Kyoto. Anyone can recommend some good places to eat there? Thanks.
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Re: Good places to eat in Kyoto 2013/4/26 14:26
This link is often put up http://www.bento.com/kansai/kyoto.html

I've never had a bad meal in Kyoto, whether it was a $10 lunch or a $150 dinner (and I can assure you that the $150 dinner is not 10 times as good as a $15 lunch), and you can barely walk 50 metres without going past at least one restaurant. All of that said, there is a 3 story building at the river end of Shinmonzen street, on Yamato Oji dori. Looking at google maps, the restaurant on the second floor is Toku, and on the 3rd floor is Comfort. We were staying in Shinmonzen dori, and ate there about 4 nights in a row. Comfort had great italian, and was on a rooftop terrace overlooking the river and Kyoto, very pretty. Toku had great Korean, the best I've eaten (including in Korea) and was uncharacteristically cheap for beef in Japan, I overordered because I was expecting much smaller serves. And then the staff cried when we went to say goodbye, sigh
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Re: Good places to eat in Kyoto 2013/4/26 17:02
2000 restaurants to choose from.

Many of them have reviews written about 'em.

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Re: Good places to eat in Kyoto 2013/4/26 19:39
The Tripadvisor restaurant rankings for Tokyo are beyond ludicrous, and after a quick look, the ones for Kyoto don't seem to be much better.

I'm quite certain, for example, that Ippudo, Katsukura and Hafu are not among the ten best restaurants in that town.
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Good places to eat in Kyoto 2013/4/29 21:05
A Japanese friend's friend who is staying in Kyoto recommended these:





She told me it would be better to make reservations for the second and fourth ones as they are always crowded.
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Re: Good places to eat in Kyoto 2013/4/30 01:46
In case you are interested in Kyoto cuisine, here are some restaurants:

Many foreigners actually dislike Kyoto cuisine, because the "subtle flavors" described in the articles are often seen as "bland" or "boring". Authentic Kyoto cuisine also tends to be expensive, so people feel like they pay a lot for food that is not very impressive.

That sounds kind of discouraging but I do think it's worth mentioning. Kyoto foods though, are usually to be appreciated only partly for the taste. A lot of it is also presentation, seasonal appropriateness, and atmosphere of the restaurant. If you're interested, I think it's worth it if you find a restaurant/meal that looks good to you. If not (or if you're on a budget), it's probably best not to bother and go to a different kind of restaurant like some of the ones mentioned by others.
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Re: Good places to eat in Kyoto 2013/4/30 04:19
now that you mention that, one of the best meals I had in Kyoto was during a Kiyomizudera lightup at the cafe/restaurant in kiyomizudera - a bucket of tofu floating around in hot water, with a bottle of beer. Best tofu I've ever had.
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Re: Good places to eat in Kyoto 2013/5/1 02:12
You guys are awesome thanks so much!
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