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Can I travel abroad while I am on probation? 2013/4/26 04:44
Hi Everyone,
I am on probation period, can anybody tell me about can I travel abroad or overseas while I am on the probation?

Thanks in advance,
by smithjames1  

Re: Can I travel abroad while I am on probation? 2013/4/26 09:46
Dear smithjames1

You should ask your probation officer this exact question. If you do not get a clear answer you should petition the court on a motion for clarification. Howerer, certain offences,[like felony drug crimes] while they do not carry a prohibition on travel from your country, may, flag entry upon an attempt to enter another country, like Japan.

As you asked this question, i gather you have doubts as to your travel abilities.
Be complete in your homework, and if necessary, get your documents in order before travel. You might also contact your countrys customs and immigration authorities. If I were you, I would smother myself in paperwork before traveling. Copys of court orders, visas, permits, whatever..
Be a shame to be held up at the arriving airport..you won't see a lot of Japan that way.
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