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Availability of soy yogurt? 2013/5/8 23:47
Hi, we'll be visiting Japan for 3 weeks in November with our son. who has a cow's milk allergy. His diet isn't very varied (he is very suspicious of many foods as so many made him ill before we determined what his allergy was) and one of the few things he will eat in large quantities is soy yogurt.

Is this easily available in say 7-11s or would it only be found in supermarkets?
If anyone has any brand names I can look out for, the characters to identify the products or best of all pictures of said products I would be very grateful.

Many thanks in advance.
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Re: Availability of soy yogurt? 2013/5/9 17:27

This one by Soya Farm, should be readily available in supermarkets... probably in convenience stores too. (Sorry if the above link does not work, search for "soyafarm," and go to "products."

There they list soy milk drink products, and soy yogurt (in cups).

They have a few variety of this soy-based yogurt, this cup with blue color is the plain one, the one with green color is fruit flavor, and another one with purplish color is blueberry flavored.

Does your son drink soy yogurt "drink"? The same company has a lot of soy yogurt drink as well. THe word to look for is "tonyu," (soy milk) written on the labels.
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Re: Availability of soy yogurt? 2013/5/9 17:28

Another brand is this "Sugoi Daizu," literally "awesome soy beans" :)
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Re: Availability of soy yogurt? 2013/5/12 01:56
Try tofu, too. High in proten.
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Re: Availability of soy yogurt? 2013/6/5 17:47
Thanks for the in-depth replies, very much appreciated!
Now I can relax knowing what I'm looking for- I was worried I wouldn't be able to identify it!
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