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Am I an otaku? 2013/5/10 09:56
I wanted to know if really likeing anime, manga, and video games makes you a otaku.
I dont go buying all the anime related stuff at the store when i pas by or stand in line to get something anime. i really enjoy watching and reading anime and manga tho.
also iv been playing games before i knew there was a Japan.
by Takahashi Akira  

Re: Am I an otaku? 2013/5/10 14:53
Well those things are classed as Otaku interests so yes. Think about it in the west if you said your into those things its kinda considering geeky right? Japan is no different.
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Re: Am I an otaku? 2013/5/10 17:57
I wanted to know if really likeing anime, manga, and video games makes you a otaku.

Not necessarily. Anime, manga, and video games are considered mainstream pop culture and simply liking them does not make you an otaku. Traditionally an otaku is someone that has an obsessive interest in something, so you wouldn't necessarily be considered an otaku unless you would were obsessively interested in any of those things. Then again, the concept of otaku itself has mainstreamed to the point that it is often casually used to describe geeks in general. In that regard you might identify as an otaku.
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Re: Am I an otaku? 2013/5/10 22:04
The definitions between the English word "otaku" and the Japanese word of the same phonetic were very different from each other. I just wonder if the English meaning has truly changed over the years.

In English, "otaku" used to mean simply something like "fan of Japanese anime and manga." Another thing is that, in the past, foreign fans of Japanese anime and manga seemed to think that the majority of the Japanese like Japanese anime and manga, but in reality they do not.

So saying that you like Japanese anime/manga and expecting to have it taken for granted will sound a bit weird right there for most Japanese people. But there's nothing weird about liking Japanese anime/manga itself as long as you know that it's not as major a hobby as you might think.

As for the definition of "otaku," please refer to the following Urban Dictionary of English slang. Definition 5 & 6 are quite accurate from a Japanese point of view.

A lot of the definitions in the above dictionary seem to have it confused with the term "hikikomori." The otaku aren't people who have nothing to do, nor do they stay at home all the time.

In fact, the otaku are very out-going people and would travel quite far keeping them busy. The thing is that they are only out-going towards fellow otaku, and they travel only to see their idols or to buy their merchandise, and they're kept busy because they need to watch all the works of their idols. Most of them do have a proper job, though. They need the money.

Also, in Japanese, otaku is not limited to the anime and manga world. You can be a railway otaku or a heavy metal otaku or even a politics otaku. People call me a "Rolling Stones otaku," but I think I'm a bit more social than that, and I'm not that intelligent enough.
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Thank you! 2013/5/11 07:37
well thanks everyone for each for your personal views of an otaku.
I do think i am an otaku myself but i dont spend my money on all the products, i would rather use the money to buy the anime dicks or games, but if i had spare cash i might buy the products.

anyways thanks again.
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