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Haiku Mailbox on Shikoku? 2013/5/11 01:40
I read in a book not so long ago that there are mail boxes on the island of Shikoku that are designated as drop offs for Haiku. And that some people might get there work published locally in a special newspaper if their haiku is chosen. Is this correct? I don't remember where i read it and would like to know more about it if you know.

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Re: Haiku Mailbox on Shikoku? 2013/5/11 15:36
This is a website of a printing company in Matsuyama City on Shikoku island.

Right at the bottom of their page, they say (you see the wooden box there):

"Post your haiku into haiku postbox
Haiku postbox of various designs are located in sightseeing spots

In different points of interest within (Matsuyama) city, haiku postboxes of different shapes are located, so that visitors can promptly post haiku that they came up with on the spot. The box is opened once everyy two months, and good ones are selected. Those who got the recognition will receive some commemorative gifts."

Matsuyama city's information website also says that they have some posting boxes. One is placed next to the monument dedicated to a haiku poet (the top photo with the stone monument shows a wooden posting box next to it) and another one (one photo below the poet's picture, the wooden one).

Another one at a temple in Matsuyama city.
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Re: Haiku Mailbox on Shikoku? 2013/5/11 22:01
Thank you so much. Just the answer I was looking for!
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