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Theme restaurants in Tokyo 2013/5/16 16:49
Which theme restaurants in Tokyo is worth going? Thank you!
by daryl (guest)  

Re: Theme restaurants in Tokyo 2013/5/17 16:56
The only one I've been to is the Lock Down (I think) in Ikebukuro, though it might have another location elsewhere. That one is good if you're going with people who can appreciate some monsters. My friend and I enjoyed the penal colony on the moon theme and the strobe-light monster attack that occured, but I felt bad for our unsuspecting guest who doesn't appreciate that kind of thing!
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Re: Theme restaurants in Tokyo 2013/5/18 00:54
I have visited the Alice restaurant in Ginza with my GF on St.Valentine's Day or something.
It's samll and not so great, but a bit kawaii.
Although I can't recommend very much...

And before I was asked from 2 gaijins when I walked in Akasaka.
"Where is the ninja restaurant?"
I searched by my cell phone and showed the way though I can't speak English.(x_x;)
So now I know there is a ninja restaurant.
I had never been there.
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Re: Theme restaurants in Tokyo 2013/5/20 05:46
I'm not sure about which would be worth it. I've read a lot of reviews on different ones and noticed the reviews varied greatly since people have different preferences. All seem to say that if you go in not expecting much, you will be have fun.

The major ones I've read about are Ninja, Alcatraz ER, and Lock Down. There were a few others I've read about but the reviews weren't great across the board, like the Resident Evil themed one.

I'm going to Japan this fall and will probably go to either Ninja or Alcatraz ER since there aren't themed restaurants near where I currently live.
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Re: Theme restaurants in Tokyo 2013/6/19 16:43
alcatraz was really good, quite hard to find though, spent a while walking around looking for it.
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Re: Theme restaurants in Tokyo 2013/7/3 04:56
I went with friends to the Arabian Rock restaurant in (I believe) Shinjuku, and it was great. The food was delicious, and the atmosphere was a lot of fun. If it's still around (this was back in 2011), I highly recommend eating there.
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Re: Theme restaurants in Tokyo 2013/7/8 10:37
There are lots of themed restaurants in Tokyo.

Alcatraz ER is in Shibuya and is izakaya style prison-hospital themed. It's a lot of fun but a little pricey.

The Ninja restaurant in Akasaka is amazing. But super expensive with small portions of food.

The Lock-Up has a few locations. Shinjuku, Shibuya etc. It's a fun place and not too expensive. Prison themed.

There is a Vampire cafe in Ginza that has a great atmosphere and you're served by vampires.

Also, there's the Alice in Wonderland cafe. One in Shibuya, one in Shinjuku and possibly Ginza. The food and service is very good.

Also, Capcom have a bar in Shinjuku which has themed dishes and a great atmosphere.

I know there are more but they're the one's I've been to.
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Re: Theme restaurants in Tokyo 2013/7/10 00:22
seems like that robot restaurant is the jam for tourists these days HAHA.
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