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How to ask No Mayo, No Sauce, No Egg? 2013/5/18 11:45
I do not like to eat mayo, tartar sauce or raw egg.

How do I ask - in a very polite way - for ''No Mayo'', ''No Sauce'' and ''No Egg'' in Japanese?

I will copy the words on paper and show them when I order food.

I want to order things that do not have these things. I don't know Japanese. I don't want to order the wrong thing.

Thanks, for your advice.
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Re: How to ask No Mayo, No Sauce, No Egg? 2013/5/19 01:17
The boiled/fried egg is Okay?

I'm sorry to trouble you, but
please hold the following egg products off.
マヨネーズ (mayonnaise)
タルタルソース (tartar sauce)
生卵や半熟玉子 (raw and half-boiled eggs)
BTW, fried and hard-boiled eggs is Okay.

"don't use" is "hold off"?
Excuse my poor English.(x_x;)

半熟玉子(half-boiled egg) is very popular in Japan.
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Re: How to ask No Mayo, No Sauce, No Egg? 2013/5/19 14:50
Thank you very much, Japaneseboy.

Your english is excellent. My Japanese is terrible.

I only know how to say "hello" and "thank you". I don't know how to write them or read them in Japanese characters.

Thanks, again for your help.
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