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Questions about temple university 2013/5/21 03:32
Ok so here's my situation.

I'm 24 (25 from July) years old and living and working in Japan. I'm doing the typical eikaiwa job and have been for a year and a half, but can see that while I enjoy the job now I dont want to pursue a job in education so I'm not gaining much from staying with this job long term.

Thing is, I'm still not ready to leave Japan and I don't have much of a skill set. My major in college was psychology but I've lost all interest in the field so my degree is essentially a useless piece of paper.

I'm at N2 level Japanese level with a goal to pass N1. I looked for some schools and a lot of them require a Japanese level above what I have just to take the entrance exam.

Temple though is American style, I can improve my Japanese and get a new degree in something that interests me and do all this while I'm still relatively young.

Think is, I was an idiot back in college. I graduated with a 2.4 GPA, .1 less than the bare minimum. I know most colleges will be forgiving if you are REALLY close and can excell in other fields like the personal statement etc. does anyone have any insight on my chances with these bad grades?

Secondly, temple is EXPENSIVE. I can survive about a year on my own with what I've saved up but after that I need loans or schorships. Is there any cheaper option that is similar to temple? If not, is temple worth the money?

Also, since I already graduated college, will I really need to do all four years again? I would hope that I have enough credits that can transfer to shave off atleast a year? Of would really help to save some money.

Ok, so thank you to anyone who reads this huge rambling message and responds!!
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Re: Questions about temple university 2013/5/23 10:24
If you're looking to do an undergraduate degree I think you'll be fine for getting in. As you said, Temple is incredibly expensive, I honestly don't think they turn away very many people who at least have high school diplomas.

I personally don't know of any similar options to Temple, but my guess is that they would be similarly expensive. At the end you'll have another bachelor's degree, that's the deal, whether that is worth the expense is really up to you.

For funding you might be best off thinking of yourself as attending school again in America. Fill out a FAFSA, get student loans, etc. I had an unprivileged friend who did her entire degree at Temple and based on her experience I'd say that Temple is rather unsympathetic to people who have financial difficulties. I think most of their students are effectively independently wealthy. You might want to consider continuing to do eikaiwa or ALT work part time while you attend school.

As for what outside credit Temple will accept, that's entirely up to them so you'll have to contact someone there directly.
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