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Pro wrestling & Kyudo 2013/5/23 15:28
Been to Japan a few times and always interested in something new. Just saw NHK world program on tv about pro wrestling in Japan but couldn't find info I want on Google. We are planning next trip to Japan but not nailed down where yet as try to visit a different area each time. Would appreciate info, in English please if possible, on pro wrestling matches throughout Japan such as schedule and address of venues, ticket prices etc so we could incoporate into our next trip.
Also visited a Kyudo school in Kanazawa last time and the people there were so nice that they helped my wife and I to shoot an arrow as well as watching them practice. It was so cool. Are there kyudo matches and tournaments for tourists to watch so we could incorporate it into our next trip ?
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Re: Pro wrestling & Kyudo 2013/5/24 18:01
next? when?

Pro wrestling = ƒvƒƒŒƒX
kyudo matches and tournaments@= ‹|“Ή‘ε‰ο/‹|“Ή‹£‹Z‰ο
add 2013 or •½¬25”N

Especially Kyudo in "Kokutai" highest levels.
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Re: Pro wrestling & Kyudo 2013/5/25 03:53
Thanks Sur but not really what we are looking for.
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Re: Pro wrestling & Kyudo 2013/5/27 18:07

Pro-wresting in Japan:
I am a bit surprised that NHK made a program on Pro-wresting. It is entertainment, but athlete-style is popular like New Japan Wresting.
Women is also popular, and this is more of idol type.

For Kyudo, I do not know a place you just go
and try at any time. There are some local
lessons at public gym.

"Zen in the Art of Archery" Eugen Herrigel seems to be a good guide book.
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Re: Pro wrestling & Kyudo 2013/5/27 19:26
Great, this is EXACTLY what we're looking for re Pro-wrestling--with dates and venues so now we can plan to include a pro-wrestling match in our next trip, so nice and THANK YOU SO MUCH !! By the way, we have the same mindset here as most tourists would have when planning on watching a Sumo match for the first time in say Tokyo. (Yes, NHK's programme did mention women pro-wrestling but don't think that's for us).
Re Kyudo, is there like a Kyudo association in Japan or alternatively, a list of the dates and venues of Kyudo matches in Japan open to the public ?
Thanks again for the great site for pro-wrestling.
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