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Should I travel? 2013/5/25 00:32
So right know i just want to know your opinion , im 20 , il be 21 soon , and my dream or goal is to travel to Japan , I want to see the culture , explore Tokyo , just get the feelling how it is to Live there or be there etc.

Am right know im saving money and im actually goin alone and every time i talk to my parents about the trip they are like why would you go there alone bla bla blah blah , and im just like getting depresed over that because they think that i will not be able to travel to to another country alone . So what do you guys think?
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Re: Should I travel? 2013/5/25 14:19
I don't know how responsible and experienced of a person you are, but I believe that it should be no problem for the average 20 year old human to make trips alone, especially to a safe country such as Japan. I assume that budget and time availability are not an issue.
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Re: Should I travel? 2013/5/26 09:39
It is best to go alone. You will have memorable interaction with the people who help you.
After working part time saving money, I took time off from my college in Japan and went around the world for a year on boat, plane, train, hitch hiking, when I was 20. I encouraged all my sons to do the same. One of them traveled around the globe with his girlfriend on $40 per day budget.
I encourage any young people to do globe trotting.
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Re: Should I travel? 2013/5/26 15:12
thanks , i will go , but this replies gets me more confident thank you :)
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Re: Should I travel? 2013/5/26 17:53
I'm 21, I spent 4 weeks this winter in Japan, including new years and christmas. If you're responsible, you shouldn't have any issues. Be smart like any where, watch your drinks, blah blah blah. In reality though, Japan is probably one of the safest places you can go alone. People are very helpful. I took Japanese in highschool, so between my broken Japanese and peoples broken English, things worked out alright. You'll save a lot of money staying in hostels and planning out your stays. I probably spent about 10g, but I could have extended my trip by a few weeks if I had actually planned it, and had not gone there on a whim.

Anyways, I think you should definitely go. No matter how much you hear about it, its a life changing experience. I went in 09 for two weeks, this winter for 4, and I'm already saving for a month long island hopping trip. Go and enjoy yourself
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Re: Should I travel? 2013/5/26 18:10

I'm a female who has been traveling abroad alone since I was 18, and there just are people who think it's natural and those who don't.

Those who don't are usually scared of traveling alone themselves, or they have negative feelings about traveling alone in general.

Also, if you're a parent, it's natural to be scared about your child traveling alone, even if they are grown. You will know when you become one. But that's part of the parents' growing up. They have to let go of their children at one point.

Similarly, children have to let go of their parents by believing in themselves and persuading the parents with that confidence. Anyway, you're 20. All you gotta do is to leave a note and go out the door. It's not like it's goodbye forever.

Have you looked into communities of people who travel alone such as young backpackers? There are lots of websites and guidebooks with comments from those people. Look into those comments so that you'll know that you're just a duckling becoming one of those swans.
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Re: Should I travel? 2013/5/28 10:46
Be careful at Roppongi at night (or just don't go there), the rest is pretty safe.
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