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Selling used Japanese manga online 2013/5/26 17:40
I am currently in Japan visited some place called Book Off who buys and sells used manga. Apparently they have an online shop but they could not register me as a foreign customer. I have a big load of Japanese manga (only Japanese) I want to sell but no one in my country are interested and putting it up on auctionsites like eBay or yahoo is too time consuming. Book Off was my last option. I could throw it all away but I dont like that idea. Anyone have any suggestion how to "get rid off it"?

Thanks in advance
by Jojo (guest)  

Re: Selling used Japanese manga online 2013/5/27 10:01
Why does it have to be online? If you just want to get rid of your old books quickly, take them to your nearest Book Off. You can expect to get something like 1 to 10 yen per book - maybe more if you have a complete set in good condition. Book Off will even drive out to your place to pick up the books if you have enough.
If you sell on Amazon Marketplace, you'll get higher prices - sometimes even more than than the original sale price for rare titles, but the downside is that it can take months for a buyer to turn up.
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