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Can a Korean become a Seiyuu? 2013/5/27 00:29
Hi, my name is Sunny. I'm 13 years old and I'm Korean. Since I was young I always wanted to be a seiyuu. I started studying Japanese. I always enjoyed anime and manga. I always tried to copy many anime voices. Do I have to go to a Japanese voice acting school to become a seiyuu??? Please tell me!
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Re: Can a Korean become a Seiyuu? 2013/5/30 23:17

If you're that interested in Japanese anime, manga, seiyu and language, why not come to Japan anyway? And why not try applying for Japanese voice acting school as you get older?

Of course, nothing is impossible, but unless you can speak accent-free Japanese (as well as read and write it), all you can do is to play Korean characters, and Korean characters, of course, are scarce in Japanese works.

Another thing is that there are already loads of Japanese kids aiming to become seiyu, so you will have less opportunites if you are in Korea.

On the other hand, however, Korean pop culture itself is becoming more and more popular, and a large part of it is being influenced by Japanese pop culture. Some day you may want to become part of that culture instead of becoming a Japanese language seiyu.

As for now, I suggest you look for a high school exchange student program that will allow you to come to Japan.
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Re: Can a Korean become a Seiyuu? 2013/5/31 11:43

Your dream is great.

If Seiyu is aimed at, he will recommend to come to Japan by any means absolutely, and to go a vocational school frequently by them.

But how about you contributing the image which has said the words of anime to YouTube etc., and getting [ you ] the company of anime to look at your thing, if it is said that money is insufficient, although you go to Japan?

School education will not be asked if Seiyu is competent.

Since it is a Korean and pronunciation is also close to Japanese, you must be more advantageous than other foreigners.

Please do your best toward a dream!
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Re: Can a Korean become a Seiyuu? 2013/5/31 12:30
See also, did you post this?
"Can I become a seiyu?"
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Re: Can a Korean become a Seiyuu? 2013/6/3 11:13
I am also Korean, and I also aspire to be a seiyuu when I grow up. Well, not really, but it's been one of my dreams when I was a teenager. The answer to your question is, yes. There will not be an immediate detection of racial discrimination when you go to Japan to audition at the studio of your choice. However, keep in mind that although you may be able to speak Japanese, you are still Korean. Japan and South Korea, historically, have not had the best relationship. If you were to compete with a Japanese seiyuu for a leading role, you most likely would not get that role because of your race.
I only know this because of Romi Park. She's half Korean and half Japanese, but she was not permitted to get the leading role because of her race.

OF COURSE, times have changed, and maybe this sort of thing does not occur anymore. Regardless of your ethnicity, anime otakus will be anime otakus. Seiyuus, once debuted, will be seiyuus.

So even though you are Korean, you can definitely become a voice actor! :) However, there will always be a few bumps along the role because of the fact you aren't Japanese. Or maybe you won't.
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Re: Can a Korean become a Seiyuu? 2013/6/8 19:43
Just to let you know, there is a very Korean voice actress called Romi Park: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romi_Park

She was born in Japan but went to University in Korea! She usually plays men or tough women.

I think this is slightly difference since she was born in Japan, but she's still an amazing lady.
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Re: Can a Korean become a Seiyuu? 2014/6/28 13:36
Yes, anyone can (that has the courage and talent) and I think one person who did that (that I know of who is fully Korean) is Romi Park. Learn from people who you admire as a actress or actor in the seiyu biz. plus you dont really have to move but it would be great though.
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