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Mount Fuji - food up there? 2013/5/28 09:59

we will be climbing mount fji via kawaguchiko trail on the 1st weekend of July.

I checked wikipedia and they said that the last place to get food is the 5th station.

Is this correct? do the other stations up there provide food too? Additionally, will there be enough food to go around as I understand that will be kinda peak season during the weekends.

We plan to rest at 8.5 station (have booked via the website and hope its successful). Do they sell proper dinner too? Or just cup noodles, etc?

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Re: Mount Fuji - food up there? 2013/5/28 13:18
Most of the rest stations sell food, but at exorbitant prices. expect to pay 500 yen for a cup noodle. They also sell cooked food like curry rice and soba noodles, at marked up prices. At the peak of Mount Fuji, shops open to sell souvenirs and hot foods to climbers from about 4 am. Soups (Tonjiru) and noodles (ramen) mostly, again marked up pricing.

There's also vending machines at the peak, about 400 yen per can of drink if i remember correctly. a hot can of coffee makes a good hand warmer still.
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Re: Mount Fuji - food up there? 2013/5/28 14:03
Hi, thank you so much for the prompt reply! We will know what to pack for our trip! More money!

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Re: Mount Fuji - food up there? 2013/5/28 16:09
Take your own food and water!

Take money to use the toilets.
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