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fishing shop 2004/10/12 11:43
Hi all,

I am a keen fisherman from Australia and I watched a documentary one day on this enourmous fishing gear shop. I understand that the japanese have some great fishing gear. I will be in Ikebukuro/Tokyo in December and new year. Any idea of where a good place to buy some shimano gear in Tokyo?????
by krazy kev  

Yokohama Tackle Stores 2004/11/7 13:53

I am alos groping along the wall for fishing spotwss in Japan.
Currently I am in Yokohama and I have tracked down the Honmoku Fishing Park as a likely shore fishing area. Nearby are many shops with tackle and guides. Hope that helps you.
I am a flyfisherman and any references you can provide on that topic would be appreciated.

Tight lines,
Fly Tyr
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SANSUI 2004/11/14 21:52
I recommend SANSUI (http://proshop-sansui.com/index.html). SANSUI has many shops around Tokyo area, but Shibuya SANSUI is the biggest one. You can buy any kind of gear (saltwater, Clearwater, bass, flyfishing, and trout). There is also a shop in Yokohama.

Japanese flyfisherman (Tenkara Japanese traditional style)
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Lure & Flies in Nagasaki 2005/1/13 12:29
I sold some of my Saltwater Flies and Lurese to a shop in Nagasaki called Nagasaki Fishing Gear and wanted to get in touch with them on line. Does anyone know there e-mail address. If so please contact me at ontheflie@aol.com
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Flyfishing 2005/8/25 07:45
I will be visiting the Kyoto area in November, is there any place to go flyfishing nearby-I hope to have a car. Also do I need a licence?
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fishing in osaka, yokohama, tokyo? 2006/2/7 23:07
Wondering if there is any good value lure and fly fishing shops in Osaka city, Tokyo and Yokohama?
Also, is April a time good for fishing? If so, where?
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Osaka Fishing Shops 2006/2/8 00:23
When I was in Osaka (Yao City actually) in December, my fiances' brother-in-law took me to see a great fishing tackle shop there. They had a huge selection of all sorts of fishing tackle, including fly fishing gear. I cannot remember where it was exactly (actually I am not sure where I was!). I will try to find out. However, I saw a number of shops in & around Osaka prefecture while I was there.
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Thanks... 2006/2/9 01:19
That will be most appreciated. Thank you.
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Er... hello? 2006/2/11 00:24
Hi CF, wondering if you recalled where the fishing tackle shop(s) are? Thanks.
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hey guys! 2006/5/24 21:53
As Chucky said I think you'll find our little site to be quite useful. It's been online for about 3 years now and we will always try to help you out if you're looking for info about fishing in Japan.

Tight lines,

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I saw one! 2006/5/26 06:32
WHen I was in Osaka a couple of weeks ago, I saw a fishing shop along the tracks near station 11 or 12 on the "green" line. We were heading from the Osaka Port station to the Aquarium. That is all I remember about the location, sorry! I will try to remember to ask my wife the exact location.
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osaka tackle shops 2006/6/9 16:15
Does anyone REALLY know the address of a good tackle shop in Osaka? Please?
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Osaka Fishing stores 2006/6/9 18:33
Please read this post about a fishing store in Osaka.
If you can't find what you want at this store, they don't exist in Japan.

Link: http://www.fishingjapan.net/viewtopic.php?t=243
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Here's more info about stores in Osaka 2006/6/9 18:37
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Our site 2006/6/16 01:50
Hey guys, I think if you're into fishing in Japan you'll find our site to be quite useful. In no way am I trying to spam this site or take it's members away. What we're trying to do is create a community of anglers across Japan who can help and give advice for people who need it.

Actually I was quite surprised to see how much fishing info and questions there was coming from this area. It's great to see all the friendly help here!!

Cheers and tight lines,

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Fishing Location in Osaka 2006/12/30 00:41
Hi, my dad and I are going to Osaka for holiday this coming February. We could like to experience fishing in Osaka. But, I do not know how and where, could you guys give me some advises?
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. 2006/12/31 10:20
Tan-no-wa yacht harbor is popular fishing spot.

Take Nankai Line from Namba station (center of Osaka) to Tannowa station, 10 min. walk from the station to the harbor.

You could get flatfish(Karei), greenling(Ainame), rockfish(Mebaru) or something like that in winter season.

If you need line, bait or rod, you could purchase at shop near by harbor.
You do not need to worry about toilet.

I hope you will enjoy.
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Thank you! 2007/1/3 10:14
Thank you very much for help. The websites have been great help.
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Baits to be use? 2007/1/3 10:52
Are there any perferable baits to be use at the Tan-no-wa yacht harbor? The strike rate, etc?
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. 2007/1/4 07:30
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