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About Nagano 2013/6/7 23:58
I live in Nagano, and I want to know what people think about Nagano.

I would like to arrange sightseeing plan for traveler, but not sure what they think about.


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Re: About Nagano 2013/6/8 08:56
I think it is one of the most varied, interesting and attractive prefectures of them all. The emphasis is on nature (Alps, snow monkeys, winter sports, onsen), but there is also a lot of history and tradition (Matsumotojo, Zenkoji, Kiso Valley), while Karuizawa provides shopping.

The following page lists the major attractions with user ratings for all destinations and individual sightseeing spots:

You often hear complaints that the Olympics were not a financial success, but I completely disagree. The Olympics are the main reason for Nagano being an international brand. This intangible merit is priceless.
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Re: About Nagano 2013/6/10 10:34
I did not stay in Nagano City but Yudanaka, 45 min outside Nagano by train for 5 days. Made day trips to Nagano, Matsumoto, Obuse and the jugokudani above Shiba Onsen. Enjoyed very much walking around Nagano with visits to temples and the giant Nagano Gondo. Matsumoto Castle was great to visit. Went to Obuse for the Hokusai Museum, a museum of lighting, Ganshoin Temple and a chestnut bento box for lunch. The sidewalks in the center of town were fashioned with sections of chestnut tree trunks. I liked the more rural feel of the Yudanaka area and some days the air was clear and you could see the snow capped mountains all around. The ryokan I stayed in (Uotoshi Ryokan) had a hinoki-buro (cypress tub) in the basement with glass windows that looked through the trees at the mountains. Mr Uotoshi is a Kyudo (archery) expert and teacher. He likes for guests to give it a try and was part of the fine experience staying there. I also bought a beautiful tanzen in Nagano for winter.
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Re: About Nagano 2013/6/10 10:52
Thank you for your comment.

I am glad to hear from your opinions, and I know at least you love Nagano.
My friend will come to Nagano from Taiwan, so I will make plan to go to
Zenkoji, snow monkey, Togakushi, Obuse for 2 days.

Also, I really like to communicate with traveler,
so want to help them to guide in Nagano.
Is there any way to find traveler who wants to need guide.(original guide).

Thank you,

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