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Popular modern themes in Manga? 2013/6/13 06:12
I'm currently in the process of becoming a manga artist, and I'll hopefully be heading to SCAD university either this year or the next, depending on certain circumstances. But that's no reason to stop trying to grab a shot while I'm young. XP
I don't plan on sending anything to magazines yet as I'm still only a ways into learning Japanese, and I think my drawing has room to grow. What I would like to know though is what are some of the most popular themes in manga nowadays that pertain to both male and female between the ages of 12-18? The storyboard I'm working on atm is a fantasy shonen with Kubo-esque comedy thrown in and a subtle romance. But I want to add something unique to it, and it's kind of hard to pinpoint what readers will find unique when I don't have any sources to go off of.

P.S. If anyone living in Japan would be willing to give me feedback on my ideas (ex. will it catch eyes or will it seem like just another battle manga?) I would greatly appreciate it.
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Re: Popular modern themes in Manga? 2013/6/13 19:17
My question might sound stupid, but I have to ask you: how often do you read manga?

Since you want to become manga artist, I assume you like reading manga? If so, you can always check it up at nearest bookstore and browse them as head up of what themes are popular. At least it's the easiest and cheapest way to check in my opinion.
Or, you could always check out most read manga from any online manga reader. It is good indicator of what is popular.

Answering more about your question, which publisher are you planning to send your drawing? Because market for USA and Japan is different, including their preference of manga they read.
Take Naruto for example. It is popular international wide, but most popular manga in Japan is One Piece, and there is still no other manga yet beat its sold copies numbers. Yes, number of sold copies = popular.
Since you're targeting 18-25 yr male-female demography, why don't you change into seinen, rather than shounen? I'm not saying no girl or woman read shounen, but as the category mentioned, it is targeted to male demography.
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Re: Popular modern themes in Manga? 2013/6/14 06:48
It's not a stupid question. Haha. Yes, I do read a lot of manga. I just don't have access to the most recent content from Japan, and I wanted to kind of check through and make sure what's available to me isn't exactly what's popular in Japan.
I live in Nashville, TN, and the only manga-bookstore I have is books-a-million, which carries your typical tankobon volumes. I buy probably three of these a week, on occasion one a week if money is tight.
In earnesty I don't think I'd do well with a seinen (especially considering I'm just now going to be 18 in the next three months). Of all the kinds of manga I've read, shonen manga like bleach are what I would feel most comfortable with. I could list reasons if requested, but it might be a long list.
And I'm hoping to eventually get serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump, and if that doesn't cut it, then Shonen GANGAN.
Sorry, pulled an all nighter last night so I'm tired and might have missed something, but does that answer your questions?
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Re: Popular modern themes in Manga? 2013/6/14 15:04
Yes, you've covered all my questions.
Well, since you plan to send your drawing to Shounen Jump, then sufficiently to say you make the right choice choosing seinen. I must admit I don't read Shounen Jump magazine, and no expert, but a little advice is not to make it too dark or grotesques. It happened to Shingeki to Kyouji, and although I'm sure they're regretting it a little for not accepting it, I don't think it's likely to change in near future.
From mangas which released lately, zombie is kind of the thing. Lots manga related with the living dead are being released, though I don't know if this is the uniqueness you're looking for, maybe you could keep this information in mind.
For fantasy, if you're talking about pure fantasy which has no relation with current world (aka Japan), I must say there isn't too many currently released. So, if you want to move out from mainstream, I think it is alright to keep it pure fantasy.
I'm sorry I couldn't help much.
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Re: Popular modern themes in Manga? 2013/6/17 10:09
Well my current storyboard is definitely filled to the brim with some intense moments and I wouldn't put it anywhere under pg-13, but it's not dark or grotesque. It' around the blood/violence level of bleach.
Well honestly I think that's a good thing that hardcore high fantasy isn't very common right now. The storyboard I'm working on at the moment has the main character fall from the real world into a world that supposedly protects the real world from the darkness beyond. It's like bleach meets zelda, basically. It has some mainstream elements, such as the characters themselves and the way they interact, but it's a fantasy world, so it gives room to jump outside the box a little without any remorse.
Thanks for you advice! It helped me kind of think about where I need to steer things! I really appreciate it! ^_^
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