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Adopting a dog from Japan to Singapore? 2013/6/17 17:10
Currently i have 2 dogs and 2 cats and living in Singapore. I would like to adopt another dog. I came across Satoya-boshu.net and, I found many dogs are up adoption. But due to my limitation at japanese, i'm unable to find out more. And my only japanese friend is outstation right now and will only be back next month.

So i would appreciate some help if anyone could provide me with some information on animal adoption in Japan. How likely would it be for me to adopt from Japan to Singapore? I wouldn't mind going to japan to visit the foster and to bring the dog over.

The reason why i'm looking to adopt from japan is because I do not want to get a dog from a petstore. In singapore almost all dogs comes from puppy mills. I will not support that.

I also wish to get a specific breed. I feel in love with a miniature long haired dashund since i was a little girl. Now i'm 30. This breed is not common in Singapore. So my only way of getting one is through a pet store or importing one. I could easily import one from australia from a reputable breeder. But i would really like to explore the adoption option instead of getting a new puppy.

Thank you.

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Re: Adopting a dog from Japan to Singapore? 2013/6/17 21:32
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