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Japanese curry sauce (roux) 2013/6/18 02:32
I have googled this for hours trying to find a recipe of the Japanese curry sauce or roux which is apparently called.

All I can find though are these cubes from S&B which are already complete for melting into water and done it is. Obviously I cannot find it in any store so I want to make it myself (even if it might be a hassle). I suppose there is more than just curry and water in the sauce. Sugar perhaps?

The source of this is from the awesome goodly tasting meal from Ghibli museum's Straw Hat Café called Pork Cutlet Curry with Mixed Rice.
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Re: Japanese curry sauce (roux) 2013/6/18 16:39
OK, you dont really want to use the blocks so much, they are full of things that you wouldnt want in your body. You get a similar taste from something along the following lines :
1. heat maybe a cup of vegetable or canola oil in a small saucepan until it is pretty hot but not smoking;
2. put in a half cup of plain flour. Stir it around until there are no lumps;
3. put in a third to a half cup of a good curry powder. I use parrot brand from Malaysia which is excellent, but pretty well any brand is fine. Stir than in too which will make a paste. Take it off the heat;
4. you might want to put in some Japanese chili powder, or some chilis. I've stopped doing that in favour of going heavier on the curry powder which has chili paste in it anyway;
5. stir it into whatever stock you are wanting to thicken up. If you are just wanting curry sauce, that would probably thicken up a couple of litres of water or stock. I make beef curry, so it would thicken up a pretty big pot of the stewed meat and onion;
6. add sugar (maybe a quarter cup), mirin (heavy splash), soy sauce (likewise). Adjust salt to taste.

Japanese put all sorts of unusual things in, but that should get you started. Once you get a success, you'll never use the blocks again - especially if you read what is in them!
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Re: Japanese curry sauce (roux) 2013/6/18 22:17
Thanks a million. I never read the content of it but I believe you it can't be only tasty stuff in it. I dislike premade food so much, you never know what's in the dish. It's the same with vegitables here. "Normal" vegitables are expensive, so called "ecological" are double up. I so miss the taste of Japan, but here you can find only fat sausages and meat. Fish is expensive too, the same is sushi which is expensive just for being so "trendy". Well the same with any "exotic" food anyway, they sell tempura mixes, sushi rice, you name it for twice what's it worth, and still contains stuff you never would get in your body if you ate at a real tempura or sushi bar in Japan.

With that said, again, thanks a million. I'll try that reciepe out right away.
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Re: Japanese curry sauce (roux) 2013/6/19 04:24
Cheers. I was thinking you will probably want to use beef or chicken stock anyway to give it flavour - I usually add it to the semi-stewed beef or chicken and onion. Let me know how it goes.
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