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Marry in Spore or Japan is better 2013/6/19 03:20
Hai all, I am Singaporean lady whereas my partner is Japanese. We wanted to register our marriage but we are still thinking for the best as which country should we register. We have to stay in Japan for few years (as he currently working), thereafter, we are going to Spore. I am unemployed at the moment. But in future we decided to stay in Japan for good. Pls give me some advise on this... Is it easier to get married in Spore or Japan? Confused.
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Re: Marry in Spore or Japan is better 2013/7/15 09:30
without doing any in-depth homework, my gut feeling is that it might be better to have your marriage registered in Japan. Singapore recognizes marriages legitimately registered in other countries.
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Re: Marry in Spore or Japan is better 2013/7/16 10:14
I don't know the registration requirements for Singapore, but consider that you have to register in Japan regardless of where you get married. On the other hand, where to get married is another question altogether.
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Re: Marry in Spore or Japan is better 2013/7/16 11:14
Marriage procedure:
- In Japan, the act of reporting the marriage constitutes a marriage, so it is only paperwork, you might say it's "easy." However, I am not familiar with what kind of documents you need from your country - for example, birth certificate, affidavit of competence to marry (in essense a paper saying that you are single and eligible to marry), etc. Please have your partner in Japan check with his city hall.
- I don't know how easy a process it is to get married in Singapore, so that's for you to compare.

Reporting foreign marriage after-the-fact:
- On the other hand, it is easy to report a non-Japanese marriage (in your case Singaporean marriage) to the Japanese authorities after-the-fact and have the marriage recorded in the Japanese national's family register. In my case, when I reported a UK marriage to the Japanese authorities, all I needed was the UK marriage certificate and my own translation of it in Japanese. But please also have him check with his city hall.
- I don't know the procedure in Singapore for reporting Japanese marriage there.

If the procedures in Singapore are just as easy as that in Japan, then it is a matter of preference by which country's law you want to get married :)
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