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Sumo Beya 2013/6/24 05:35
We will be in Tokyo in August. Our trip does not involve any Japanese tour guides.
Is it possible to visit a Sumo Beya or see a practice?
Where? How?
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Re: Sumo Beya 2013/6/24 14:36
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Re: Sumo Beya 2013/6/25 00:04
I already saw all that. There is a lot of old info. I am looking for someone with direct knowledge of what may be found during the August 2013 off season. Thanks
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Re: Sumo Beya 2013/6/25 20:10
From around August 20th all heya start training. The relevant ones are in the Ryogoku area.The problem is that each heya has its own visitors' policy. Try to decide which one youj want to visit and google sumobeyas for phone numbers and ask the guy from the hotel to talk to them. This may sound tedious but it is the best way.
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