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Is their a Godzilla museum 2004/10/14 13:17
Is their a Godzilla museum
by Jose Cardenas  

(",) 2004/10/14 15:31
LOL I donno :P
Funny question though.

I dont think there would be...
Is there a godzilla 2?
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Re: Is there a Godzilla museum 2004/10/19 03:32
I haven't found any info on a Godzilla museum but there is a small statue of Godzilla in Tokyo:

And I saw some Godzilla stuff in pictures of the Bandai museum near Matsudo Station(but I think that it is mostly focused on Godzilla toys, along with Gundam, etc).
(Haven't found any english websites on this)

Good luck!
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yes 2004/11/4 03:20
As KEDS said, there is Bandai Museum in Chiba, Japan -- close to Tokyo.

Here is the web site (English)

I don't know how much they can meet your expectation though because I've never been there.

Hope this would help.
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There used to be... 2004/12/5 21:04
There was one in Kobe that I went to soon after I came to Japan but it was wiped out in the 1995 earthquake...

Other than that there are some exhibits in the Bandai Museum as mentioned, and periodically there are shows at amusement parks that usually have a modest selection of the props and such. With the new movie released yesterday chances are that sort of thing will be making the rounds again!
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Is there a Godzilla statue 2007/7/31 01:34
The webs attached were not workable. is there a statue that we may see in TYO?
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godzilla statue at Hibiya Chanter 2007/7/31 07:20
Which exit should i take at hibiya station or ginza station or JR line Yurakucho Station should i take to get to this building to see Godzilla statue
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