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Bad JTE-ALT Chemistry? 2013/7/3 22:29
So here's a little background. I'm new to Japan. I moved a few months ago. The last ALT was rather infamous. From what I gathered, he repeatedly hit on the JTE, even though she was engaged. So, it JUST happens that we have the same hometown. Like I said, I'm a brand new ALT, and training can only take you so far, so I'm a little clumsy and awkward without experience. In short, I'm learning the ropes.

So here's the problem. She doesn't like me at all. I believe she didn't like me from the start. All chatter is task-oriented and professional, and she's a very social person. She will talk to the other teachers and even the T3, but I'm am just left alone. Even in the meetings, I am alienated when the other ALTs and JTEs drive to the meeting and talk (she gets a coordinator to pick me up). So, today, I wanted to do something nice for all the teachers. I bought senbei for everyone. She is the only one that refused, and every complimented me on my gift.

So has anyone ever experienced this? What is the best solution? Right now, the atmosphere is just toxic.
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Re: Bad JTE-ALT Chemistry? 2013/7/4 12:32
just continue being as nice as you can and remain professional, don't do something that will make your relationship go sour.

she may be tired of her job or she may be unsure about your teaching skill or she may not agree with the way you teach. just do your best and be very friendly and polite with her, without being pushy or needy. she'll probably warm up. and if not well you can always search for another position.

give it a few months
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Re: Bad JTE-ALT Chemistry? 2013/7/4 21:22
I feel for you! I was an ALT back in 2006-08 and I had one teacher who acted like she hated me (we are both female). She ignored me in lessons and I was often stood there not knowing what to do feeling really stupid.
Anyway! As someone else has said, just try and be as professional as you can and don't push her too much. Once she starts seeing that you are just there to work and not to do anything dodgy she may start to relax. Could you maybe let slip you have a girlfriend, subconciously telling her you aren't going to hit on her?

In all my schools there was always more than one JTE for the different years, is there anyone else you could turn to so she doesn't feel like all your attention is on her? Do you speak any Japanese? Maybe you could try and get friendly with the other teachers.

If all else fails and you are going to be working with her for a while, maybe just ask her for a quiet word and be honest and say you feel like she is judging you by your predecessor's standards and you would at least like the chance to prove you aren't like him. If not, you will probably be moving schools at some point so you can forget about her! I really don't think JTEs take into consideration that ALTs are far from home and may need some help in adjusting from time to time so perhaps you just need to be honest with her and let her see you are human!

Good luck!
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Re: Bad JTE-ALT Chemistry? 2013/7/4 23:08
What are JTE and ALT?
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Re: Bad JTE-ALT Chemistry? 2013/7/5 00:56
Japanese Teacher of English

Assistant Language Teacher
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Re: Bad JTE-ALT Chemistry? 2013/7/8 10:28
It appears that since she is social with the other teachers, even the other ALTs, that she does not like you. If it is really because of the ALT you replace then that is quite unfortunate. It could be for other reasons though. Like an early poster mentioned: unsure of you as a teacher, does not agree with teaching style, etc.

Whatever the case, in my opinion I would not confront her - at least not any time soon. Since you are new, I fear that she would just brush it off or claim nothing is wrong in order to keep the peace in the work place.

Instead I would continue to try and build relationships with the other teachers as well as her, but without pushing it. Keep things professional and show interest in her way of teaching. Hopefully in time she will see that you are not like the past ALT.

However, if she does not warm up after sometime then I would bring it up. How though? I'm not sure because I've never had to do it. I wouldn't directly say "Why don't you like me?" because again she may just say that is not the case even though her actions say differently.

Any suggestions for how to actually bring it up?
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Re: Bad JTE-ALT Chemistry? 2013/7/8 13:14
Also keep in mind that the end of the first "term" is coming up. Quite some Japanese teachers are freaking out. Lots of work, little free time, stress .....

Be friendly, do your job and if she doesn't use you during the lessons, oh well, good for you (even though it can be boring).

And as said before, if it doesn't change until after the summer vacation, ask her what the problem is - or talk to the headteacher of her grade.
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